Gelsenkirchen by rail

Gelsenkirchen by rail

Gelsenkirchen main railway station (Hauptbahnhof) is served mainly by regional (RE/RB) trains and not by many of German Rail’s long distance (ICE) Intercity Express trains. However, it is only about 10 minutes to Essen main station, and around 25 to Dortmund main stations, both of which are served by more long distance trains.

The city of Gelsenkirchen has a rather elongated shape (map on, running almost north-south. The ground is in the north, near the district of Buer, while the station is in the city centre, which is in the south. A metro-cum-tram (Stadtbahn) link (the no. 302) runs from the station to the ground (see City centre to stadium).

Local transport
Gelsenkirchen forms part of a small metro-cum-tram network (called Bogestra) linking three adjacent towns. You’ll see this referred to both as the Stadtbahn (light urban railway) and Strassenbahn (trams). As in all German cities, the buses are also fully integrated (Public transport planner).

Mainline Services
There are not many direct mainline services between Gelsenkirchen and the other major German cities. (See German rail journey planner) Many of the journeys shown below are via Essen:

* Frankfurt, c. 2 hrs 20 mins
* Stuttgart, c. 4 hrs (via Frankfurt)
* Cologne, c. 1 hr
* Hanover, c. 2 hr 25 mins (via Essen)
* Leipzig, c. 5 hrs 35 mins (via Essen)
* Munich, c. 6 hrs (via Essen)
* Nuremberg, c. 4 hrs 45 mins (via Essen)
* Dortmund, c. 25 mins
* Kaiserslautern, c. 4hrs 10 mins (via Frankfurt)
* Hamburg, c. 3 hrs 15 mins (via Münster)
* Berlin, c. 4 hrs (via Essen)

Map of station location

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