Gelsenkirchen centre to the stadium

Gelsenkirchen centre to the stadium

Directions by road
You can approach Gelsenkirchen on the either the A2 of A42 motorways. Approaching on the A2 motorway leave at the Gelsenkirchen-Buer exit, or, if on the A42, leave by the Gelsenkirchen-Schalke exit.

Then follow roadsigns. From the A2, you are practically on top of the ground anyway.

For a rather ropey black and white map of the area around the ground provided by Schalke 04, see this page of the English version of the club’s website (click where it says Bild Download). For a rather better quality map from map 24, click here.

Our tip – Find the A2!
Having got lost on the back streets of Gelsenkirchen before now, I’d recommend you find your way onto the A2, no matter what direction you’re approaching the city from – then you’ll have no local roads to negotiate: it’s straight off the Autobahn and you’re there! For full directions, try our route planner.

On the right track
Gelsenkirchen, like many German cities has an efficient tram / metro system (albeit with a limited number of lines). Importantly, line 302 runs directly from the city centre and the main station to the Arena’s own dedicated stop in just 15 minutes.

Both the main station and the one at the ground were upgraded for the 2006 World Cup. Extra services are laid on on match days, and run out to the ground one after the other in quick succession. Once at the Arena station, it’s less than 100 yards up and over a pedestrian bridge onto the stadium grounds. Match tickets are valid for local public transport before and after the match.

Public transport journey planner
Click here for the regional public transport journey planner (in English). To check journey times from the main station to the Arena enter the From and To details as follows:


Arena AufSchalke

(“Hbf” is the standard abbreviation for Hauptbahnhof = main station)

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