Leipzig by road

Leipzig by road

Since time immemorial Leipzig has had good road connections.  It was the crossing point of two major Roman roads: the Via Imperii, which ran from Venice to the Baltic coast, and the Via Regia, which led from the Rhine to Silesia.

More recently, as the second largest city of the former East Germany, it was somewhat cut off from the West.  Now, however, it is well connected, with the A9 Autobahn in particular, running past Leipzig en route from Berlin to Munich.

The distances involved in driving between Leipzig and other football cities in Germany can be quite considerable, however the German autobahn network makes them manageable.  Examples of the distances and routes to/from some selected cities (in fact the other venues for the 2006 World Cup) are shown below.

From Leipzig to other German football cities:

City Distance
in km
in miles
Main motorways
en route
Berlin 182 114 A9
Cologne 496 310 A9, A4, A7, A5, A45
Dortmund 477 298 A9, A14, A2, A1, A45
Frankfurt 390 244 A9, A5, A7, A5, A3
Gelsenkirchen 490 306 A9, A14, A2
Hamburg 398 249 A9, A14, A2, A7
Hanover 261 163 A9, A14, A2
Kaiserslautern 488 305 A9, A4, A5, A60, A63
Munich 408 255 A9
Nuremberg 269 168 A9
Stuttgart 466 291 A45, A5, A6, A81


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