Hi there! Thanks for browsing my site … I guess you’re looking for information about watching football in Germany. Well, this will shortly be the right place to look, but while I build up this site you might like to look instead at the site I produced a few years back in advance of the World Cup in Germany, which may have the information you’re after.

You’ll find it here: www.theworldcupingermany.com. It’s showing some signs of age now, but much of the information is still relevant.

Hope you find that useful… and come back here in due course when I’ve had time to get everything finished on this site.



Hamburg is Germany’s 2nd largest city after Berlin. It is the country’s largest port, the second largest port in Europe and ninth largest in the world. Hamburg overview: More »

Despite Hamburg’s official website appearing to promote four other regional airports rather than its own, Hamburg airport has in fact been around longer than any in Germany today. Hamburg by air: More »